Pixel Art

◾ Conway's Game of Life

Variants: Standard HiRes, Red Pixels, Greenish, Airy Amoeba, Coral, Night And Day

◾ Substrate

Variants: Standard, Blue, Lines Only, Circles Only, Snow Flakes

◾ Möbius Gears

Variants: Standard, Standard Twisting, Red And Shiny, Red With Shadow, Many, Fat, Wireframe
Code: https://github.com/robertmuth/MoebiusGears
(Note: gears can be moved with mouse)

◾ Pixel City

Variants: Standard, Outer High, Wireframe Red, Wireframe Blue, Day Light, Inner Purple, Rotate Red, Backward Yellow, Forward Green
Code: https://github.com/robertmuth/WebPixelCity

◾ Smooth Life

Variants: Gliders And Wires, Gliders And Wires 2, GlidersGalore, Fishies,

◾ Microcosm

Variants: Cylinder, TorusBox, KnotAndTorus, SimpleKaleidoscope, ComplexKaleidoscope,

◾ Helios

Variants: Standard, No Surfaces, Close Up, Crazy Camera,

◾ Divergence Free

Variants: Standard, AnimatedForeground, AnimatedBackground, BlueLargeChanging, BlueLarge, GreenHuge, RedMedium, RedMediumDense, BlackLarge, WhiteLarge,
Code: https://github.com/robertmuth/DivergenceFree

◾ Simplex Particles

Variants: Standard, Blue, BlueOnGray, Red, BlackAndWhite, Fast, Thin,

◾ WebWhorld

Variants: Cross, LotusLight, Mercedes, Bands, LwPinwheelFabColor,

◾ FlipClock

◾ Clocks

◾ Twisted City Life (@party 2019)

With: Dietrich Ebb
Code: https://github.com/depp/city_knot

◾ M68000 (@party 2023)

With: Dietrich Ebb

◾ Showcase

(Note: Firefox support may be broken.)

► More Computer Art @ arscalculanda.com


All pieces are customizable.
Press C to see the available options.
If you find a nice customization,
please send the parameters to robert@muth.org
so we can added them under presets.

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The pieces were primarily tested on Chrome.
Firefox and Safari will likely work as well.
Internet Explorer has not been tested.